One of my favorite Paris blogs — no, make that My Favorite Paris blog — is the scrupulously researched and written Parisian Fields. It first caught my attention with its header picture of the outstanding bronze sculpture in the Tuileries Gardens, “L’Arbre des voyelles,” or the Tree of vowels, a 1999 sculpture by the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone depicting an uprooted tree lying in the forest. You are very likely to take it for a real tree if you don’t look carefully.


“L’arbre de voyelles” — the tree of vowels — in the Tuileries Gardens

The most recent entry is one I’ve been thinking about doing — the wonderful variety of shutters on Paris buildings. I’ll shelve that idea now, because Parisian Fields has done it in a way that would be hard to match. Take a look:


Parisian Fields

Parisian Fields is written and photographed by Philippa Campsie and Norman Ball, two Canadians who spend much time in Paris on much the same terms Jan and I do. We/they ride the bus, ride the métro, look for budget deals, and try to mix as much as possible with the Parisians. I don’t know about them, but I consider it a successful day when only one Parisian has responded to my French in English. It happens.

Two of us

Philippa and Norman

Here’s their bio page:

Take a look, and follow their blog. It’s worth the effort. They don’t post often, but when they do it’s worth reading.