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Author John Pearce

Paris interview about Treasure of Saint-Lazare

Terrance Gelenter, a constant presence wherever Americans are found in Paris, interviewed me about Treasure of Saint-Lazare after it was awarded the Readers’ Favorite honor of best historical mystery of its year. It was a wide-ranging conversation of the type… Continue Reading →

COMING SOON: the final installment of Treasure of Saint-Lazare

CLEAR THE DECKS for the fourth and final novel. After Treasure of Saint-Lazare, Last Stop: Paris, and Finding Pegasus, The Final Heist will draw a line under Eddie and Aurélie’s years-long search for the criminals who killed his wife, young… Continue Reading →

Head Butler – your cultural guide

I’ve been reading Head Butler, Jesse Kornbluth’s web site/blog/sage life advice since at least 2011. Actually longer, but that’s as far back as I can document, from extracts I’ve added to my massive library of 50,000 (or so) Evernote posts…. Continue Reading →

Murder among friends in the High Sierra

Four teen-age boys whose long friendship is turned upside down when an exotic girl comes to town. The results are tragic.

Red Riviera, by David Downie

Red Riviera, by David Downie If you’re a fan of Italy, mysteries, or well-drawn characters, don’t miss David Downie’s new novel Red Riviera. It sits on my virtual bookshelf right next to Commissario Brunetti (Donna Leon) and Inspector Gamache (Louise… Continue Reading →

Review: The Good Cop, by Peter Steiner. The chaos of Weimar

Peter Steiner’s The Good Cop is a pitch-perfect aria in the chaotic opera that was Weimar. It illustrates the corruption of the politicians and police, the violence of the extremist freikorps ruffians, and the general fear and loathing that led… Continue Reading →

Review: SUDDEN COURAGE. The youth of France take on the Nazi occupiers during World War II.

Highly recommended for Francophiles and WWII history buffs  5/5 Anyone who has followed the tragedy of the German occupation has heard of the young bicycle couriers who fearlessly bluffed their way past checkpoints while carrying secret messages for the… Continue Reading →

Full House for Adrian Leeds’s Après-Midi book presentation

Once a month, Adrian Leeds holds a two-hour book presentation and social gathering upstairs at a café near her home in the Marais, in Paris. I went this week because I wanted to hear Timothy J. Smith talk about his… Continue Reading →

Review: Four-Finger Singer and his Late Wife, Kate

Five stars – beautifully written, imaginative, a delight to read This book will appeal to three kinds of readers: those who admire good writing, those who love baseball and want to see more of it from the inside, and fans… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Gardener of Eden, by David Downie

Anyone who has lived in a small town may have seen Carverville, Downie’s fictional Cannery Row, which is now an economic desert whose salmon fishery and lumber industries were sacrificed to clearcutting and environmental plunder.

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