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Treasure of Saint-Lazare and its sequel, Last Stop: Paris, tell the story of Eddie Grant, the golden boy of French-American business — a decorated U.S. Army officer and successful Paris entrepreneur, but a man whose life has gone off track.

At first he was desperate to set things right, but now he’s almost given up when, unexpectedly, he finds new clues to the murders of his wife and son, and his father, a decorated Army officer who served with the Résistance behind German lines.

Somehow he and his family got caught up in a criminal ring’s lust for a priceless Raphael painting, Portrait of a Young Man, which has been missing since the end of World War II.

It’s an exciting chase from beginning to end. Eddie takes control once again and, as a fringe benefit, patches up his relationship with the lovely Aurélie, the love of his life. Will they live happily ever after?

Both books won are prize-winners. Readers’ Favorite, the major book review site, selected Treasure of Saint-Lazare as best historical mystery of 2014. Shelf Unbound magazine chose Last Stop: Paris as one of the top indie books of 2015.

The story will be more meaningful if you start with the first book, Treasure of Saint-Lazare.