Locked down? Tired of TV? Escape to Paris with Eddie Grant as he pursues treasure from WWII

THE BEST HISTORICAL MYSTERY OF ITS YEAR and the sequel are on sale this weekend only.
HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to follow Eddie and the women in his life as he pursues the most valuable painting still missing from the war, along with a king’s ransom in gold bullion. Wealthy Paris-born Eddie, a former U.S. Special Forces commander, chases the treasure that has already caused the death of his father, his wife, and his young son.
When a letter from the past surfaces in Sarasota, he is left with no choice but to put his own grief behind him and follow the lead turned up by his old flame Jen. In the first novel of the series, Treasure of Saint-Lazare, Eddie and his friends put away most of the gang. Treasure of Saint-Lazare was chosen the best historical mystery of its year by Readers’ Favorite.
In the second novel, Last Stop: Paris, chance brings Eddie agonizingly close to the mastermind, a gold bug he had met once before under violent and tragic circumstances when he was a Special Forces commander in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. The man disappears. Eddie’s dangerous pursuit takes him to Greece and Bulgaria and back to Paris for a climax on the Seine that foils the killer’s plans to use leftover weapons from the Middle East wars to terrorize Paris. Last Stop: Paris was picked as one of the half-dozen best indie novels of its year by Shelf Unbound Magazine.
Amazon has sold approximately 25,000 copies of the three novels in my Eddie Grant Series.
For your weekend escape the first two are on sale through Sunday, May17, for $2.99 (normally $5.99). Enjoy.

This special sale includes Kindle editions only, but my books are also available as trade paperbacks, large-print paperbacks and audio books.

I am seeking more reviews for my most recent novel, Finding Pegasus. If you’d like to review it, email me and tell me what you’re reviewed before on Amazon. I can’t accept everybody, but I will provide five free copies of the Kindle edition to the first qualified reviewers who respond. Having read the other books isn’t a prerequisite but it is an point in your favor.

I’m working hard to get my fourth novel ready for publication and am looking for a few energetic readers who would like to see a free early version of it and give me their feedback, then review it when it’s launched. If you’re interested, click here. Tell me about yourself. I’ll keep you informed about how things are going.

As always, thanks and keep reading!

John Pearce

THE FINE PRINT: As of 9 p.m. Friday 5/15 the books were offered for $2.99 on Amazon, but check before you click.