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How I Found Pegasus

When I started to write my third novel, Finding Pegasus, I was looking for some specific plot points — I wanted a strong woman as

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Review: The Good Cop, by Peter Steiner. The chaos of Weimar

Peter Steiner’s The Good Cop is a pitch-perfect aria in the chaotic opera that was Weimar. It illustrates the corruption of the politicians and police,

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Review: SUDDEN COURAGE. The youth of France take on the Nazi occupiers during World War II.

Highly recommended for Francophiles and WWII history buffs  5/5 Anyone who has followed the tragedy of the German occupation has heard of the young

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Full House for Adrian Leeds’s Après-Midi book presentation

Once a month, Adrian Leeds holds a two-hour book presentation and social gathering upstairs at a café near her home in the Marais, in Paris.

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Review: Four-Finger Singer and his Late Wife, Kate

Five stars – beautifully written, imaginative, a delight to read This book will appeal to three kinds of readers: those who admire good writing, those

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Book Review: The Gardener of Eden, by David Downie

Anyone who has lived in a small town may have seen Carverville, Downie’s fictional Cannery Row, which is now an economic desert whose salmon fishery and lumber industries were sacrificed to clearcutting and environmental plunder.

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