For the last few months I’ve been casting about for some way to answer the question I’ve heard from a dozen or so readers of the Eddie Grant Series, “Where did the idea for Treasure of Saint-Lazare come from?”

I put off creating this post until Finding Pegasus was published, but now that it’s selling well I thought I’d try to answer the question in several ways.

First, some time ago I wrote a short story about Eddie Grant’s early years, especially the four years he spent as a college student in Texas before going into the US Army, like his father and grandfather before him. It details his meeting with Lauren Adams, who became his wife and died in a brutal murder in Paris, at the hands of the gang who thought Eddie or his family had the Treasure. It took a while, but none of them survived Eddie and his friends.

Second, I wrote a blog post covering the background of the entire series.

Third, I’ve published them together as one short story, Lauren, which I’m offering as a free introduction on Amazon. (You can find the other books here.)

Simply click this link to start the process of downloading Lauren. I hope you enjoy it.

(A note: Amazon has been a little slow setting the price to free for its customers outside the United States. Go ahead and try, but if the book page asks for money, just cancel out and email me. I’ll send you the Kindle file by return email.

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John Pearce

Nov. 4, 2018