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How I Found Pegasus

When I started to write my third novel, Finding Pegasus, I was looking for some specific plot points — I wanted a strong woman as at least one of the protagonists, and I wanted her to be a techie, and involved in the plot I had already partially designed, at least mentally.

That plot was: Build a small but very advanced submarine, have some bad guys steal it, combine them with a corrupt Silicon Valley bazillionnaire, a paranoid Navy admiral, the CIA, and Eddie Grant.

Eddie had been so popular among readers of Treasure of Saint-Lazare and its sequel, Last Stop: Paris that he had to feature prominently in the story.

And Paris, of course. Paris is really the center of everything I write.

Kate and Mark: a standout combination

The result was the standout combination of Kate Hall and Mark McGinley. Kate, the former Navy officer who was pushed out of her career by the paranoid admiral, who was also her husband. And Mark, the ex-Navy petty officer who conceived the autonomous sub Pegasus and its tiny drone payload, Icarus.

Kate is, by any standards, a strong protagonist. She’s a naval marine engineer accustomed to rooting around in the engine rooms of nuclear submarines, and she’s a skilled knife fighter who saves her and Mark’s bacon early in the book, when the nasties blow up their sailboat on Biscayne Bay.

Readers have responded to the story. Sales of all three of my books add up to the tens of thousands and lots of nice words. To quote one reviewer, “Finding Pegasus is the story of an international criminal network marching in lockstep with the neo-Nazi autocrats of Eastern Europe; a paranoid, egocentric American Navy admiral; an old and bitter Silicon Valley billionaire; and a retired Hungarian spy who moved to Paris because the food was better.”

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. In fact, I liked Kate so much that she will be a main feature of an upcoming book — not the next one, which will be set in New York (plus Paris, of course) but in the following one, which as of now will be an entirely Paris novel.

Stay tuned. Keep watch on my blog Part-Time Parisian, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like to suggest a plot idea.

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