Updated Thu 10-29-15

John Pearce’s first novel, Treasure of Saint-Lazare, set a high bar for international mystery, but his second, Last Stop: Paris easily meets and surpasses it. This novel captures the very soul of contemporary Europe, crossing borders with apparently effortless aplomb. And his enterprising character, Eddie Grant, continues to fascinate with his combination of European sophistication and American ingenuity. But Paris too is a main character; Pearce must know that city even better than he knows the back of his hand.

Ronald Roscommon, author of “When Paris Went Dark,” finalist for the American Library in Paris 2015 Book Award

In Last Stop: Paris, Franco-American Eddie Grant, aided by his beautiful partner, Sorbonne professor Aurélie, crosses Paris – and Europe – in hot pursuit of the killers of his wife and son ten years earlier. Eddie’s Paris, which ranges from the sophisticated salons of the Ile Sant-Louis to the rue Picpus in a working class neighborhood takes us beyond the usual tourist stops; as one who has lived in the City of LIght for decades, I applaud the author’s knowledge of its varied quartiers. An intriguing romp – and now I get the double treat of going back to his first book, the prize-winning historical mystery Treasure of Saint-Lazare of which this is a sequel. How did I manage to miss it?!

Harriet Welty Rochefort, author of “French Fried, “French Toast”, and “Joie de Vivre” (St. Martin’s Press)

A gripping novel of mystery and intrigue taking us across Europe and into all its sordid dens of iniquity. A complex and riveting achievement. It brings Europe alive.

James Goldsborough, author of “The Paris Herald: A Novel”

John Pearce knows Paris: its glittering splendor, but also its shadowy underbelly, it’s sorrow, double dealing, and mayhem. Last Stop: Paris follows a twisting and turning course across the globe. It’s a gripping and complicated tale of international intrigue, terror and revenge.

Peter Steiner, author of “The Resistance” and the forthcoming “The Capitalist.” New Yorker cartoonist known for “On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog.”

John Pearce has done it again: taken us back to Paris and Sarasota for his latest cosmopolitan thriller. And Eddie Grant, the lovely Aurelie, and the temptress Jen return with a cast of pals and thugs to whisk us from page to page. I’m up to the last chapter. Will the Nazi-filched Raphael be found at last, or will this crafty wordsmith save it for another spell-binding sequel?

Bill Carrigan, author of “The Doctor of Summitville”

The second time Pearce surrounds us with all the flavor of Paris wrapped around an intriguing plot filled with captivating characters. The vivid scenery and international espionage keep the reader engaged while delivering a veiled history lesson at the same time. An enjoyable read, Édouard’s adventures are always endearing!

Barbara Krier, Sarasota, FL

A real page turner that had me enthralled from the first. You’ll have a hard time putting it down. I know I did.

Harris G. Guilmette