“In Finding Pegasus, John Pearce once again spins a captivating tale of spies, assassinations, derring-do and sex (very tastefully done!) which takes us from Miami to Paris to a remote castle in Eastern Europe. The characters are fully drawn and we soon come to actually care about Kate and Mark as they try to recover the stolen high-tech submarine-cum-drone they have developed. Kate is especially interesting – a brilliant engineer, retired Navy officer, trained knife-fighter, and sexy to boot! The story will have you rooting from the edge of your seat! Dive right in!” — Brian Thompson, professor of French emeritus, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Subs, drones a femme fatale and a murder on the Seine in the heart of Paris–what more can you want? John Pearce’s new fast-paced thriller merges Grisham and Brown. The trilogy is complete.”–David Downie, author of The Gardener of Eden, a novel (Jan. 2019)

Finding Pegasus is John Pearce’s best story to date.  Suspenseful action in an international setting, with current issues as the backdrop, and up-to-date technology the order of the day.   It’s a book you will not want to put down.” –Bill & Barbara Vance, Waco, Texas”

“Pearce shows us a beautiful Paris, cafes, the streets, the Seine flowing gently by, sun in the sky, then shoves a dead body right under our noses! In a class with Clancy and Grisham, Pearce brings us into a geo-political nightmare with more twists than a world-class roller coaster. Hang on to your seat when you read this one.”  Al Musitano – Author of the GothMare series.

“Finding Pegasus is a sophisticated tale of international intrigue and contemporary politics, super-charged on espresso. A boat explosion in Miami and a murder on the bank of the Seine set this quick-paced thriller in motion. Eddie Grant and his pals piece together the resulting jigsaw puzzle. Like John Pearce’s first two Eddie Grant novels, this one is crafted with a fine ear for dialogue and keen observations on place and politics. An enjoyable and satisfying read.” Scott Neeley, AIA, Tucson

“A fast-paced thriller, spanning characters and lifestyles from Florida to France to Hungary.  The author, John Pearce, a part-time Parisian, enables the reader to participate in the city of love and light and to marvel at the flair of the French metropolis. He lets his audience immerse deep into a high-speed pursuit, sex, crime and the latest perilous politics – a thriller that needs to be turned into a movie!” Doris-Marie Heilman