I’ve split my website into two parts: the original blog, this one, and a new website for my books, which I’ve called JohnPearceBooks.com. It should be in operation by the end of June.

I call the blog Part-Time Parisian because that’s what I am — an American who lives part of each year in Paris. Generally Jan and I stay for a couple of months, sometimes three, which is the limit for a continuous tourist visit without applying for a long-stay visa. While we’re in Paris, I do research for my novels, we keep up to date with our friends, and we spend a great deal of time in the restaurants. I take a lot of pictures and try to share some of them on the blog.

For the last five years we’ve rented apartments in the 14th arrondissement, Montparnasse, where Hemingway and his friends lived and worked, and home of the Catacombs. The 14th is quieter than the areas closer to the Seine and the transportation is good. Last year we rented on Rue Daguerre, the pedestrian street, in a block with five restaurants, a grocery store, three clothing shops, a florist, and a real-estate agent.

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John Pearce, Sarasota, May 2018

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