Disclosure & Policies

Important notes about some of the house rules here.

I do —

  • Make a real effort to disclose conflicts of interest. For example, if the author of a book I review is a friend or acquaintance, I’ll tell you.
  • Have affiliate arrangements with Amazon (and possibly other sites).

I don’t —

  • Redistribute your email address or identity anywhere else if you become a subscriber (which I encourage). What comes here, stays here, unless you post it with an expectation of publicity.

Comments are allowed, but moderated. On posts open to comment, spam will be deleted. Offensive language will be deleted (although this isn’t church, so there’s some flexibility). Ad hominem attacks are spam.

These rules will be reviewed from time to time and may be changed.

John Pearce    December 8, 2016

2 Replies to “Disclosure & Policies”

  1. Hello Mr. Pearce,

    I’m curious if the film and TV rights for “Treasure of Saint-Lazare” are available?

    I work in development Segars Media and in addition to co-creating Disney’s “National Treasure” franchise, we have a number of film and TV projects currently in development.


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