A Paris afternoon in Place Saint-Michel, complete with music

Most afternoons when we’re in Paris I take the métro to Place Saint-Michel, the crowded plaza on the Seine across from Notre-Dame cathedral. For a few days before I took this picture and video a well-used upright piano sat ready for amateur pianists, most of whom were of the “chopsticks” variety. But one day the music changed, and we were treated to a real musician:


I watched a while and caught this short video. Stay with it through the end for a view of the famous fountain.

Then I left to write. When I returned four hours later the piano was gone.


3 thoughts on “A Paris afternoon in Place Saint-Michel, complete with music”

  1. Tres manifique! And… that’s about all the French I know :). My husband and I honeymooned there in 2001 and we cannot wait to go back one day with our son and daughters… my youngest of whom is a Bastille Day baby!

    Cheers ~

    1. Do go back soon. One of the things you’ll notice immediately is the number of babies on the street – the French have the highest birth rate in Europe and it shows.

      The other standout is the huge amount of construction and renovation going on. They are in the midst of a building boom as well as a baby boom.

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