Last Stop: Paris audio book under way

Tuesday, Dec. 1, is publication day for Last Stop: Paris, he sequel to my novel Treasure of Saint-Lazare.

It will be available on or before that day in paperback, Kindle, and audio book editions. There’s a chance the paperback will be available a little sooner.

(You can pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon right now, for delivery Dec. 1. It’s at this link.)

Right now I’m working closely with Dan Gallagher, the experienced narrator who’s about a third through the narration process. He records it a chapter at a time and sends the audio file to me for review. Dan has been doing this a long time, so the number of corrections is very small.

Jane Dixon-Smith has finished the covers for all three editions. The printer is working to get the paperbacks ready. I expect proofs from the main printer, LightningSource, tomorrow.

Stay tuned. I hope it will be worth it to you.

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