A full-throttle adventure

through modern Europe and the Mediterranean … that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all rollicking ride. (Kirkus Reviews)

How can you not enjoy a book set in Paris??

“I loved the scenery and the sensation of Paris–what a great background for any story.”

A Tour of Paris...

 Led by an expert. “Lovers of old Paris will be thrilled to visit the modern city that the author knows and describes with deep feeling for its enduring charms.”


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Books Overview


Treasure of Saint-Lazare: The story of an epic theft during World War II, when the Nazis stole Raphael’s painting “Portrait of a Young Man,” a work of immeasurable value. A true History Mystery — a thriller based on a true story, introducing Eddie Grant and his fiancée Aurélie Cabillaud in Paris, and Eddie’s former lover Jen in Sarasota. Treasure was chosen the top historical mystery of 2014 by the Readers’ Favorite review site. (The painting has never been found, but the Polish government says it exists somewhere safe.) Read this one first. Ranked in the top 1% of all Kindle books.


Last Stop: Paris: The sequel, which ties up the loose ends. The mastermind who thinks Eddie has the painting kidnaps Aurélie. In a dramatic escape, including a knife fight on a Paris métro platform, she frees herself and together she and Eddie run the criminal-in-chief to ground. A stirring international mystery centered on the picturesque Seine and the Parisian neighborhoods around it. One of five finalists for the 2015 “Indie Best book of Shelf Unbound Magazine. Also ranked in the top 1%.

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I’m the author of Treasure of Saint-Lazare and its sequel, Last Stop: Paris, a pair of historical thrillers that started with this question: What would happen if some really bad guys thought — indeed were certain — they knew where to find a famous and priceless painting the Nazis stole in World War II? Read more..


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