Coming soon – LAST STOP: PARIS, the sequel to Treasure of Saint-Lazare

Last Stop Paris Cover EBOOKWill Eddie Grant bring his family’s killer to justice? At what cost? Find out on Dec. 1, publication day for Last Stop: Paris, the sequel to my prizewinning first novel, Treasure of Saint-Lazare. I need your help to make it a successful launch.

Last Stop: Paris is again set mainly in Paris, with excursions into Germany, Greece and Bulgaria. It’s a continuation of Treasure of Saint-Lazare, which Readers’ Favorite voted the top historical novel of 2014.

The sequel is already attracting attention. Here’s what one of my early readers, Ronald C. Rosbottom, author of When Paris Went Dark, said about it:

John Pearce’s first novel, Treasure of Saint-Lazare, set a high bar for international mystery, but his second, Last Stop: Paris easily meets and surpasses it. This novel captures the very soul of contemporary Europe, crossing borders with apparently effortless aplomb. And his enterprising character, Eddie Grant, continues to fascinate with his combination of European sophistication and American ingenuity. But Paris too is a main character; Pearce must know that city even better than he knows the back of his hand.

I need your help

Here’s where I need your help: I’ve submitted Last Stop: Paris to the Kindle Scout program, which gives readers the opportunity to nominate it for a Kindle Press publishing contract. The contracts come with a little money but their most important advantage, in my view, is entrée into the Amazon promotional system. And nobody promotes books better than Amazon.

So, I’d appreciate your taking a look at the book and summary on Kindle Scout and giving me your vote.

Here’s the summary you’ll see on Kindle Scout:

Eddie Grant has solved the puzzle — almost. He has the love of beautiful Aurélie, plus the romance and charm of life in Paris. But the final piece eludes him, and it’s a big one – he desperately wants to avenge the murder of his wife and son ten years before. Without warning, a golden opportunity falls into his lap, if he’s brave enough to put his own life on the line. And Aurélie’s. Sequel to Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A Novel of Paris.

Thanks in advance for your consideration

I’m also looking for a few advance reviewers. If you have an interest in reading a review copy and furnishing a blurb or a review, please email my publisher and give her your name and contact information.

(When Paris Went Dark is an outstanding history of the German Occupation of Paris during World War II and is a finalist for the American Library in Paris 2015 book award. The winner will be announced in November.)

(The cover design for Last Stop: Paris is by Jane Dixon-Smith of, who also prepared the redesign of the cover for Treasure of Saint-Lazare in the right sidebar.)


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