Author interview on BookGoodies

BookGoodies, a well-known site for promoting books, was nice enough to do an interview with me this week. For your general edification, you can find it here. Here’s one of the questions they asked — how I write. (If you’re not up on the lingo, a “pantser” is someone who creates the plot as he … [Read more…]

Is it the same size, or what?

Optical illusions have long been a key part of the magician’s toolkit. Here’s a really good illustration of how and why they work. BBC Academy trainer Mark Blanc-Settle hit the Twitter jackpot with a tweet on the “Jastrow Illusion” — the mistaken impression (embedded in magic tricks since time immemorial) that two objects that APPEAR … [Read more…]

Free to subscribers: LAUREN, the story behind Treasure of Saint-Lazare

I promised to offer my latest, Lauren: A Short Story, free to all subscribers of Part-Time Parisian. It’s now available for download at this link (the link is for subscribers only). Lauren is the “story behind the story” of Treasure of Saint-Lazare and Last Stop: Paris. It tells of the time in the 80s when Eddie Grant, a Franco-American … [Read more…]

LAUREN is available now on Amazon

My short story LAUREN is available now on Amazon. It’s the foundation tale underlying my novels Treasure of Saint-Lazare and Last Stop: Paris. I’m telling you this for what might seem an odd reason –I don’t want you to buy it. Within a few days (when it’s up on all the other ebook stores) I’ll send a link that will … [Read more…]

Review copies of Last Stop: Paris are still available

UPDATE FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Two copies are left. I found a few remaining paperback review copies of Last Stop: Paris, which I’ll make available to anyone who would like to read it and post a review on Amazon. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can click the cover image in the sidebar to see the … [Read more…]

Janet Hulstrand interviews me about Last Stop: Paris

Thanks to fellow Francophile Janet Hulstrand for her interview about my latest novel, Last Stop: Paris, which she posted on her blog Writing from the Heart, Reading for the Road. Answering her questions took some thought about why I’d chosen to write a sequel to Treasure of Saint-Lazare, not to mention about my current work in progress. My novels … [Read more…]

Getting to the Bottom of Paris History


In a city of parks, one that stands out is the cool ribbon of green stretching through three arrondissements on the Right Bank of Paris, the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s also a central element of 19th-century Paris history, and right now it’s getting a facelift. Go there on any day to find a roiling mix of humanity. It’s … [Read more…]

Last Stop: Paris Named Finalist in Shelf Unbound Competition for Best Indie Book

Press release from Shelf Unbound magazine Last Stop: Paris by John Pearce has been honored as one of six finalists in the 2015 Shelf Unbound Competition for Best Indie Book. Held annually, the competition, hosted by Shelf Unbound magazine, receives about a thousand entries and is, according to publisher Margaret Brown, “a highly competitive field.” “Last Stop: … [Read more…]